Menguak Harta Karun Sisa VOC yang Masih Tersimpan di Indonesia

When you travel, there is no better way to save money than to do so on your hotel. This is not to say that you should choose a cheap hotel however. A cheap hotel can ruin your vacation. Instead, you should look at ways to save money on your hotel of choice. Here are five great ways that you can save money on your next hotel booking. The number one way to save money on that hotel room is to travel during the off season. It is no secret that hotels jack up the price of hotel rooms during peak travel periods. Travel during the off season and you could pay a third of the normal rate. Slow periods will vary by destination but in general, look at January and February in most cities to save. Another great way to save some money on your hotel stay is to sign up for your hotels reward program. Most hotel websites will have a page where you can sign up for a rewards or loyalty membership. They will then either offer you a standard discount or will at the very least, inform you about specials before anyone else. My third way to save on hotel accommodations is to compare other hotels. By not being choosy and looking at compatible hotels, you can save big. Your first choice hotel might be regular price, but a similar or even better hotel just down the street could be half that cost. Check around for other rates and see what other hotels are charging. If you are dead set on one hotel, you can even use those rates as bartering chips to get a discount. A Fourth way to save on your hotel is to purchase hotel and airfare packages. Shop the travel websites, of which there are plenty, and look for hotel and airfare packages. You can often get drastic cuts on your hotel this way. My fifth and final way to save money on a hotel stay is top check deal websites like GroupOn or Living Social. They will often have hotel deals for remarkable discounts. The only down side is that you will be limited in city election. If you are just looking to get away though and are not picky about to where, this is a good option. As you can see, there are many different ways to save money on your next hotel. So, put these tips into effect and stop paying full price for your accommodations. Article Source:
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