9 Bahan Alami Berikut Sangat Ampuh Keluarkan Nikotin Dari dalam Tubuh Kamu. Perokok Wajib Coba

3 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents Music for Kids Music is an important part of early childhood development. Market your musical skills at day cares, kindergartens and preschools. Call day-care directors, school principals and teachers. Sometimes you may have to schedule a free first performance to get paid for ensuing performances. They like to see how the kids interact with your music before scheduling you on a regular basis. Tip: Make your performance interactive and not a mere display. Get the kids involved. Paper Shredding and Recycling Business Many businesses--such as banks, financial institutions and medical facilities--are required by law to protect the confidentiality and security of patrons. Many businesses have an overload of documents that, for security reasons, cannot be thrown in the trash. Hiring a papershredding service is an investment for them. A mobile document shredding service goes to its clients and shreds their documents on-site, then removes the shredded paper and takes it to a recycling center. Tip: Aside from shredding paper documents, a papershredding service can offer the ability to destroy hard drives as well, along with other media such as CDs and DVDs. Personal Chef There's nothing like satisfying a hungry stomach with a hearty meal and getting paid for it. Personal chefs can market their business to just about anybody who likes to eat well and is willing to pay for it. In addition to cooking skills, personal chefs also need a working knowledge of nutrition and excellent organizational skills. A sound understanding of safe food handling practices, health regulations and product liability laws are also essential.
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