Artis Indonesia Tertampan ini Meninggal Saat Tengah Berada di Puncak Popularitas, Kisahnya Bikin Sedih

A mesothelioma suit can throw many obstacles the way of a mesothelioma patient and that can make him get depressed: lawyers of the defendant(s) may drag the suit because they know that people suffering from mesothelioma have a short life expectancy. If you are in such a situation, here are a few things you can do to handle your depression. 1. Think The Worst, And Then The Best I suffer from depression myself because I am living with a very embarrassing disease which makes people tease, mock, and ridicule me. That makes a lot of negative thoughts to come into my head and I get depressed. To battle the negative thoughts that come into my mind often, I imagine the worst happening. Then, I also think about the best that can happen. When I do that, I lose my fear of those negative thoughts, they lose their hold over my mind, and I start to feel hopeful again. 2. Exercise Regularly According to the Harvard Medical School, exercising at a low intensity over a period of time, for at least six weeks, is a great tool one can use to deal with depression. When a man or a woman exercises, certain proteins known as neurotrophic factors are released into the body. These neurotrophic factors cause new brain cells to grow. The development of the brain cells and subsequent connections they make in the brain makes the brain function better and the improved performance of the brain can make one feel better. According to Oncologists, brisk walking, low intensity weight training and yoga exercises are exercises that mesothelioma patients can do without suffering any adverse effects and you may consider doing these exercises. 3. Read Your Bible And Affirm Some Of The Verses This is another thing I do when negative thoughts crowd into my mind. When I read God's word and I repeat some of the verses, I feel strengthened emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually and that reduces the number of negative thoughts that come into my mind. As I continue saying Bible verses to myself, I become more positive and I feel happier. Therefore, make it a habit to read your Bible every day. It is the most motivational book on Earth-it is filled with many wonderful promises of God which can inspire you and lift your spirit when you are down. You might want to start by reading and committing to memory Isaiah 41 v 10. In that verse, God is telling you that no matter how bad your situation is, no matter how lonely you are, no matter how badly men have disappointed you, if you are experiencing pain and suffering because of the mesothelioma suit, He is with you although you may not feel His presence and He will help you if you have faith in Him. So, quote the verse to yourself whenever negative thoughts come into your mind. Every time a bad thought slips into your mind, quote it loudly. Keep saying it until it fills your mind the bad thought leaves your mind. As you keep practicing this habit, as you keep using Bible verses to fight negative thoughts, you will gain better control over your mind, you can make your mindset positive and that will give you hope and help you to feel hopeful about life. 4. Pray Often Prayer is another strategy you can use to battle depression. I pray myself and when I roll my cares and burdens onto the LORD, I experience peace because I know that the God who helped me yesterday and who takes care of the birds who eat although they do not sow or reap, will help me to take care of my needs.
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