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Allstate offers insurance through a network of local agents, this structure allows them to offer personalized insurance solutions based on their agents' knowledge of the local communities they serve. The Allstate Insurance Corporation was founded in 1931 and serves over 16 million American households. Allstate Corporation is one of the largest insurance corporations in the world and the largest publicly held property and casualty (P&C) insurer in the United States. Allstate insurance corporation offers product lines in personal insurance ranging from home insurance, car insurance, life insurance and other product lines. How stable and reliable is Allstate insurance? Based on their long history, Allstate has the capability to change with the demands of the modern consumer and offer products to meet modern needs. Below we will cover several areas where Allstate is reviewed for financial stability and strength as well as customer satisfaction in areas such as claims and product offering. Scroll down to check the ratings and reviews that you are most interested in learning about for Allstate. Ratings for Allstate Across Different Surveys: Consumer Based Ratings Although insurance companies do their own internal customer service and claims satisfaction surveys, it is notable that consumers are able to post their own independent reviews on various websites or even Google for local companies. These reviews should also be referenced when looking at an insurance choice. It is also helpful to view independent studies that take a snapshot of what the generalized impressions are of insurance companies across a variety of areas. One example of independent study is the series of reviews and ratings by JD Power. Below are the ratings from J.D. Power for Allstate as compared to other insurers in the following four studies. The ratings used in the JD Power Circle Scoring Legend are: AMONG THE BEST BETTER THAN MOST ABOUT AVERAGE THE REST Allstate Rating in Car Insurance Claims Satisfaction Overall Allstate Overall Satisfaction Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE Allstate First Notice of Loss Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE Allstate Service Interaction Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE Allstate Appraisal Rating: BETTER THAN MOST Allstate Repair Process Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE Allstate Rental Car Experience Rating: BETTER THAN MOST Allstate Claims Settlement Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE The overall results are good, scoring better than most in a few key categories and about average in the rest. Review of the Allstate Rating for Property Insurance Claims In a similar study by J.D. Power, the U.S. Property Insurance Claims Study (2016), Allstate scored "ABOUT AVERAGE" in property insurance claims across all ratings. The following areas were rated in the review: Overall Customer Satisfaction First Loss of Notice Service Interaction Estimation process Repair process Settlement Customers tend to have high expectations for a claim, and rightfully so. A property insurance claim can turn into an insurance nightmare if not handled properly and create serious stress for a consumer. Home insurance claims have the potential to fall short of expectations on several levels, in particular when a person did not get the best insurance coverage options. Living through a property insurance claim is very challenging, so for Allstate to receive consistent ratings in this study and be reviewed as about average is actually a pretty decent indication that they get the job done. If large numbers of people in the survey were disappointed or unhappy with the claims service or found they are missing coverages and endorsements or were underinsured, it probably would have shown in the results. Overall the Allstate review based on this data appears to be good. Allstate Consumer Overall Rating - Customer Reviews in Insurance Shopping Experience In this general overview of the overall customer experience in insurance shopping, Allstate offers a standard shopping experience, as seen in the J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Study (2016). It is noteworthy that the experience in a few of these categories is lead by the local agent, so the ratings would be based on the individual experiences by region. Although it is interesting to see how Allstate compares to the rest of the companies overall, I think a reaction to this kind of review has to be based on more of the consistency across markets, and I would balance this against reviews of your own local agent on other review sites like Google that can specify results on the actual agent you may be dealing with. Allstate Overall Purchase Experience Rating: THE REST Allstate Policy Offerings Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE Allstate Pricing Offerings Rating: THE REST Allstate Local Agent Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE Allstate Call Center Representative Rating: THE REST Allstate Insurer Website Rating: THE REST You can also check out page two of this article to read the review of Allstate Insurance potential disadvantages. The Value of Claims Service Reviews and Ratings for Allstate In the various reviews and ratings, Allstate did not win any of J.D. Power's awards. However, when we look at the claims ratings, they certainly ranked higher than their overall shopping experience. In some cases, an insurance company shopping experience may not be as slick, but I would put more weight on the customer satisfaction on claims settlement and handling since this is where an insurance company has to be able to deliver its top service. If you are thrilled with the shopping experience, but then get thoroughly disappointed in a claim, the value is not really there. Allstate ratings in the J.D. Power claims related surveys was average, and did not indicate any serious issues based on those consumer surveys. This is notable. If you can walk away from a claim thinking things went okay and you got what you were promised when you bought your insurance policy, it's pretty good. Review of the Kinds of Insurance Allstate Offers & Customer Service Capability Allstate offers a wide range of products that allow them to fully service their customers in a wide range of insurance needs. This provides an opportunity to build strong relationships with Allstate Agents, and a good opportunity for a one-stop shop insurance provider. Allstate's wide range of products offers a potential advantage to consumers over other insurance companies that have less product availability. Read more about this aspect of the section: "How thoroughly can Allstate service their customers?". Allstate Insurance Distribution Model Review Allstate offers a fair opportunity to a consumer to obtain locally relevant insurance advice and the expertise of a local agent due to the fact that their distribution network and insurance sales and service are based on local insurance agents. Although dealing with an agent may offer disadvantages in some circumstances, Allstate has been successful in servicing clients for over 85 years probably due to their large service offering and ability to adapt to the needs of insurance consumers over time. Because Allstate depends on the agent on a local level, regional success in service is largely guided by the agent you are dealing with, it is worthwhile investigating the reputation and success of your insurance company in your own area, for example, in surveys like this one, where you see the major differences in the consumer choice differences for best car insurance by region. since service may depend on regional performance. The insurance company provides guidelines, underwriting, and product offerings, but your agent always has a part to play in how a consumer perceives service. Allstate Insurance Ratings Across Insurance Types Allstate financial strength ratings are strong and stable across their divisions. Understanding Financial Strength Ratings to Evaluate Allstate Overall Rating Financial Strength ratings indicate the actual financial ability of an insurance company to deliver on a financial level or their capacity to meet its financial commitments. Below are the ratings for Allstate in each of their divisions with three separate financial ratings providers. As you can see, Allstate ranks highly for financial strength in their insurance markets and capability. The financial strength rating of Allstate is not to be confused as a commentary on actual claims process experience but rather indicates if the company is strong enough to support the financial risk in insurance that they have taken on. On this level, Allstate ratings indicate they are in an extremely strong position to pay out on claims and have the financial backing to do so in normal circumstances. The financial strength ratings of Allstate are meant to be used as an indicator of their ability to deliver financially and reflect the fact that they are one of the largest insurance corporations as explained in the section above: "How stable is Allstate". This reflects on the financial management of the company and is only one aspect, a very important one of any financial services company.
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