Kena Tilang, Model S3ksi ini Tawarkan Cara 'Damai' yang Tak Biasa, Coba Kalau Polisi Indonesia, Pasti Khilaf!

Watching your favorite artist or band performing live is like a dream come true. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be expressed in words. As soon as one hears the announcement of an upcoming event/festival or concert, its finally the chance to make that dream come to reality. However, even the biggest fans find it hard to get tickets, especially when it involved queuing for hours at the ticket office. During the official sale of Michael Jackson tickets, a fan stood in line for two days just to get hold on a ticket, but he said he was so excited that he finally got one that all the effort was worth it. With internet becoming the strongest communication medium, standing in line at the ticket office is no longer the only option the fans have. The internet has become more and more useful for buying tickets online and for avoiding all of the unnecessary queuing to be the first in line. But due to ease of availability of tickets online, there is a very little chance that you will get top shows or concert tickets through official sites, you might consider using the services of a ticket broker. These companies are specialized at getting hold of all the sold out and popular tickets. All you need to do is find an online ticket broker. There is an enormous list of ticketing websites designed and designated with the sole purpose of selling the tickets for most popular or sold out events with the best seating. Such websites are great source not just for concerts but for any kind of event that sell the tickets which may include sports, theatre, festivals and concerts. Online ticket websites makes it easier for the fans and the only thing they need to worry about is to hear the news on time and then login to one of the ticket broker website and buy their favorite band tickets. So who are these ticket Agents? Ticket brokers are professional ticket dealers who buy tickets for concerts, theater, musicals, and sporting events, and then sell them on to the general public. The ticket broker adds on a fee to the face value of the ticket, usually around 7% of the original ticket value, in return for the service that they provide. There is a lack of awareness in people regarding buying tickets from a ticket broker, because of a great number of fraudulent ticketing agents, people hesitate from buying online. However fans can make buying from completely secure by using credit cards instead of debit cards. Debit cards deduct money from your account without wasting a second where as credit card payment is done through credit card companies. If an online transaction is fraud, you can always claim your money back from the credit card companies. The question in this regard is that how does a ticket broker buys tickets of an event, even before the official sale of the event. Is this because the ticket broker often employ outside individuals to do the ticket buying for him??? Or Are there any internal resources involved which sell these tickets to the ticket broker before the official sale begins??? When tickets to a specific entertainment event goes on sale, those people who work for the ticket broker will purchase seats from the official websites before anyone else attempts to. Once the seats are purchased, they are available to be sold on the ticket agent's website even when the event is completely sold out at the official websites. A ticket broker can assure good seats, even at the last minute. In general, buying tickets through a broker is a bit more expensive than buying them through the usual channels, but the convenience offered by the ticket broker makes the extra charge well worth it, also ticket broker is the best source when the event is sold out only a few hours after its official sale of tickets.
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